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If you have set the password of the lock screen and. sign in with your Samsung account details. 2. 2 Tap "wipe data/factory reset" and "wipe cache.The Buzz This service allows you to navigate through Top 20 chart songs (in a variety of categories).

Changing the default camera settings To customize the default camera settings, press the Menu soft key and select Options.Bubble Breaker The object of Bubble Breaker is to clear out all the balls.This password is used just once and you do not need to memories it.Note: Some devices, especially headsets or hands-free car kits, may have a fixed Bluetooth PIN, such as 0000.

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Upon receipt, SAMSUNG will promptly repair or replace the defective Product.Synchronizing Information To begin synchronization, connect your phone to your computer.

Library This feature launches the Windows Media Library showing My Music, My Videos, My TV, My Playlists, and Now Playing.The keys are labelled with alphabet on the lower half and numbers and symbols on the upper half.

On the Home screen, press the Unlock soft key. 2. Enter the password and press the Done soft key.Over the years: Samsung Blackjack 2 -> Samsung Jack -> HTC Pure (TouchDiamond2). NANDroid backup CM7 install 2) Factory Reset 3) Install CM6.1.1 and...Menu Outline The following list shows the menu structure and indicates the number assigned to each option.Bluetooth I cannot end a If another device is connected to your Bluetooth connection phone, you can end the connection by deactivating Bluetooth.How Can I Remove The Lock Screen From My Samsung Tablet? Protecting your tablet or mobile from unauthorized use is very necessary. Password, Pattern or PIN lock.Other features of this service include streaming entertainment news about your favorite music artists, access to an artists main page (containing discographies, ringtones, concert dates, etc.), concert information, games, and setup options for your own personal billboard notifications.Care and Maintenance Your phone is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care.

Note: To synchronize Bluetooth devices with a compatible computer, the computer must have the Bluetooth stack for Windows XP Service Pack 2.Using incompatible memory cards, such as Secure Digital (SD) cards, may damage the card, as well as the phone, and data stored on the card.Align the battery tabs with the slots at the bottom of the phone. 2. Press the battery down until it clicks into place.Page 196: Section 18: Health And Safety Information, Health And Safety Information.Changing the Window Media Player Settings You can customize the appearance and functionality of Windows Media Player.Making an Emergency Call Your phone provides the emergency number 112.Scholarshippoints Login Password Reset; Mysql Grant Access To Specific Table;. New jersey casino service employee license - Samsung blackjack 2 password unlock.

This standard specifies test methods and performance requirements for hearing aids and wireless phones so that no interference occurs when a person uses a compatible phone and a compatible hearing aid at the same time.The Internet Explorer launches and you can view to the corresponding news website.Stop The feature stops the current media, exits the media player and returns you to the main Cellular Video homepage.

Note: See page 50 for more information on connecting the phone and a computer.Managing Certificates On your phone you can add and delete public key certificates.It lists the currently playing file, as well as any files that have been queued up to play next.Calculator The calculator allows you to perform general mathematical functions, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 1. On the Home screen, press the Start soft key and then the Organizer 2.Changing Picsel Viewer settings On the Picsel Viewer screen, press the Menu soft key and select Settings.To switch between using the upper case characters and lower case characters, press You can move the cursor by pressing the Navigation keys.Quick Launcher by pressing the Navigation keys or spinning the Thumbwheel Up or Down, and press access appointments or messages, or change the profile setting.

They also emit very low levels of RF when in the stand-by mode.Re-enter the password for confirmation and press the Done soft key.Health and Safety Information Exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) Signals Certification Information (SAR) Your wireless phone is a radio transmitter and receiver.The list of the video clips in the currently selected memory appears.To share the song ID with another user, highlight Share ID press the key.Page 58: Turning The Phone Functions On And Off, Using The Dialling Screen.For safe disposal options for Li-Ion batteries, contact your nearest Samsung authorized service center.