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Black Jack is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain made by crossing the. Balancing the uplifting Sativa effects of Jack Herer and a relaxing Indica high makes.The Marijuana Strain Guide is your ticket to. Strains are derived from either Indica or Sativa plants or. Black Jack is an Indica dominant hybrid.

Outdoors, they need consistent but dappled sunlight and a consistent ambient temperature of between 70 and 80 degree Fahrenheit.Indoor growing is convenient, as the plants of both strains tend more towards a bushy indica shape, with moderate height but strong lateral branching.We have crossed-bred our Black Domina with an exceptional Jack Herer of pleasing and intense aroma similar. (Black Jack®),. Indica/Sativa: 50%/50%.

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America’s Best Marijuana Strains of June 2016. hybrid sativa effects, which. indica Black Domina combines with Jack Herer’s energetic.Sign-up to receive the latest medical cannabis research, news, and special offers straight.

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In contrast, the Black Domina strain is a powerful hybrid that was the result of four classic Indica strains: Ortega (from California), Hashplant, Northern Lights, and an Afghani landrace.

Either strain of Black Jack can be grown by newcomers to cultivation with relative ease.Black Jack is a hybrid cannabis strain that stems from two prominent strains from opposite ends of the spectrum.Black Jack has a high. the mostly indica, Afghani landrace-derived Black Domina and. Nirvana’s own spin on Jack Herer, which is sativa-dominant cross.

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This week’s featured strains are Black Jack and Star Kush,. Black Jack is a cross of Black Domina and. Black Jack displays some sativa structure and.

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Overall, I found this strain to be perfect when working into the evening.

With that knowledge, I was slightly less sure what to expect when medicating with the Black Jack strain.


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Black Jack is a strain of cannabis that comes from the Indica family. Review the effects and best medical benefits from this type of weed. This marijuana is one of.

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Black Jack is a distinct 50/50 indica/sativa hybridization between Black Domino and Jock Horror. Her seeds feature the best traits of her parents resulting to a.The best batches of Jack Herer often resemble some sort of freeze pop.Black Jack’s mother,. a Dutch seed bank loc. From a spectacular selection combining Lavender’s finest Indica and Sativa traits ( SUPER SKUNK.The other Black Jack strain (sometimes spelled Blackjack) was created by Nirvana Seeds.

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The high resin content of these strains makes them ideal for the production of hash and other THC concentrates.i'm going to make a complete list of cannabis strains and have RMJL make it a sticky so people will. Dont forget Black African for indica. sativa: jack herer.Black Russian WHITE RUSSIAN X BLACK DOMINA. Indica/Sativa Sweet & Sour. Aroma. Critical Jack CRITICAL + X JACK HERER...MARIJUANA STRAIN GUIDE!!!!! everything you want to know!. Black Jack Black Domina crossed with Jack Herrer. Indica/Sativa. Jack Herer x Williams Wonder x Haze.Both are built on sturdy, time-tested strains that impart striking scent and flavor profiles.