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I know it sounds paranoid and even silly maybe but there are unfortunately a lot of cgs who let the addiction just run amok and forget about their kids.Of course the best outcome for members must be the control of the addiction but sadly it will not always be so, however, I hope one day your ex-wife appreciates the effort you made to maintain a good relationship for her with her daughter.Which ever option going forward, my daughter will miss a lot of love either from me or my wife.One time she gambled for 48 hours non-stop after I left the house the first time.

I think she might have been angry at my nonresponsiveness to her threat to move.Your baby deserves a functional parent and at this time this seems to be you more than your wife.

The effects of someone’s gambling can extend to well beyond just the gambler. They can affect a partner, child, parent or friend. This is the account of a.When my daughter saw my wife, she was so happy that she jumped into my wife and kissed her non stop.

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My wife, home alone and with nothing to hide anymore, is on a gambling binge.By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. more information Accept.

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I think it is the combination of reading self-help books, going to therapy, joining Toastmasters and practicing yoga and meditation has helped me.My wife attended GA Anonymous 5 years ago after I left her the first time.

Two years ago, one day on a hunch, I knew my wife was gambling so I went to the casino and she was there.At that time she was also seeing a psychiatrist and I think was able to stayed gambling free for a year.I believe we have enough to deal with in this life and we have the gift of self-will to cope, how we use that self-will is down to every individual.I am in the process of trying to forgive my wife and what she has done to me, to herself and to our daughter.I think 99% of people here will advise you not to get involved, but, personally, I would have been VERY grateful if my husband had taken that step.

Everything revolved around him first, where he was going to live, how we would both support him financially, access was not an issue.Currently I am seeking to have custody of my daughter Mon-Thu and my wife Fri-Sun.A hidden gambling addiction is a very dangerous situation. It is important to know the signs and symptoms before it is too late All of the signs are right here.

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I think that not only do we develop a distrust of others but also one of ourselves and our own ability to be confident in us.When I learn that my hb is a cg the only thing that I did it is just to protect my daughter like you.I told my ex to leave my daughter with grandma (her mom) if she wants to have dinner there.My mother-in-law told me that perhaps I owed her daughter something in my previous life and now I have done paying off this debt the last 10 years so now I can go free.How to Deal With a Gambling Addiction. Pathological gambling involves an inability to control gambling which can lead to psychological issues, as well as financial.The addiction James is something that no one wants it in his life.She never darkened the door of those casinos again and it made her realize she was becoming infamous.

As I was estranged from him, after numerous interventions yet he kept gambling.Before if someone cut me off on the road, I would be angry and curse.Im hardly in a position to give advice but many wise people here told me to look after myself and my kids.The forum gains so much when members return with updates that prove that life, when the shadow of the addiction to gamble has been lifted, is good.However, I have no evidence as her credit and bank account are untouched.It may not feel like it James, but you are doing this and you are coping well.I think you and your attorney came up with an excellent plan.

I am dealing with some trust issues but my girlfriend is extremely patient and she understands about my situation and what I have gone through.My grandfather was a family patriarch and he simply liked me and told my mom that I would live with him.Going Broke: When a Spouse's Spending is Out of. I’ve read that this is a common problem, but if my wife won. Your wife’s spending is out of control and.Your enemy is the addiction not your wife my friend, so please read and read as much you need and earn all the power against the addiction.My wife told her family that she only gambles her own money and that as a husband with a decent salary, I should be able to provide for the family and stop complaining.Digging up the pawnshop records and pulling out bank statements where she had wrote badchecks.Yet, your daughter should be given the best shot to live a normal life, not one controlled by the addiction, having to make sacrifices in order to bail her mother out, debts that certainly will have an affect on her.

Women & Problem Gambling: The Hidden Addiction Posted On September 4, 2013. For years, problem gambling affected significantly more men than it did women, but that.Not to mention the house, the cars and everything in between.

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He, however, quit and stayed clean after she took the kids and went away.I love my wife and thought that I could help her free from this evil.I do feel that a CG who wishes to gamble however will find a way so it may be fruitless.

Deep down, I know my wife problem is too great and there is little hope that she will quit.Of course, the best option is for my wife to quit gambling and we are togetther to support my daughter.Everything you are going through sounds so terribly familiar to me.She should provide receipts for everything she buys with her debit card.I also understand not knowing if you love your wife anymore - I have been with my CG for 20 years and I feel the same way.My uncle told me that I am a frugal person who plans far ahead so I will never be able to make it work with my wife.