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It does take some careful running in of the gear set to do this, but it does work.Mayberryman 06-02-2013, 03:42 PM In my experience there has always been a shortage among the Chinese people.

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TSR #TRM02BP Falcon 7 Motor from Mid America raceway one motor per order In stock and ready to ship why wait weeks for others to ship?We only list what we h.These changes will apparently involve several minor improvements that will make it easier to use for most racers.I raced against a couple of Hawks in the last oval series race in PA, however, I do do not know if they were faster or slower than my Demons.

Now wire length determines for how long that amount of electrons is impeded from flowing through that length of wire.The first picture is just one way of timing the comm to the arm stack.Critical alignment of a hot motor and a hot chassis with the one hand that is not holding the iron is dicey.

Zippity 06-02-2013, 03:50 PM Keep waiting for the Falcons, however, the Deamon, Evil 9 and the Hawk has filled in very well.Falcon, Hawk & Johnson Motors. On the speed characteristics is close to the FALCON 7 motor. SLICK 7 Slot Racing Ukraine Slotlab SONIC.Find great deals on eBay for falcon 7 slot car motor. Shop with confidence.

For sidewinder brackets I either make my own, or use the rear sections of the Parma I-32 chassis or the rear of the Pro Slot Demon chassis or the mounts, after cutting them off the original chassis.It has been discovered that this is the motor in the Scalextric cars that we have.

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The motors are ugly tin cans made in Japan. 1958-1963: all kinds of model train motors are converted to slot racing use, by Pittman and others.Now by rotating the brushes equally in one direction or the other, that will also advance or retard the arm timing.I guess all that matters is finding a series that runs what you like best.La Cucaracha 06-04-2013, 09:26 AM Evil and Demon have less winds.

Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Slot Cars. Falcon XB Mad Max 2 Interceptor Slot Car. cars have their original electric motors.However, you cannot get one anymore because they have pretty much sold out and Mabuchi is not willing to make new ones with the vent holes.Falcon 7 and Approximate Equivalents. This analysis of the TSR Falcon 7, JK Hawk 7, Trinity Evil 9 and Fast Ones Demon shows motors stripped down and measured.You have just described a Eurosport F1 motor installation block.Sure--once you get some setups that are good--they will last a while.

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Page 1 of 2 - JK Falcon 7 motor - posted in General Slot Car Racing:. As a slot car motor, the specification became more radical (windings, comm design,.

If the motor is really and truly at zero advance in timing the gearing could be on either one side of the pinion or the other and not make much difference.People like to think when they enter a race they have a level playing field,at least in the motor department.I often wonder why most racers, in all forms of racing, always focus so much on the motor.If they are longer lasting and more consistent then the old Falcon 7, well.Happy Days:).The tracks that I run have opened the rules to allow the Hawk 7, Demon and Evil 9s along with the Falcon.

JK Hawk 7 Motor - JK-30307. 2 MM Allen Screws For Falcon Motors - 1pr $1.99 $0.99. JK Products (JK-30301) Hawk Slot Car Motor Setup $14.99 $12.99. JK Products.Not sure. 2) Old 13uos like the Johnson 111 that used to be in the Scalextric cars, and the X88 that used to be in the Monogram F-1s are 13mm high with end mount leads. Again. 3) It just occured to me that you might be referring to using a 16d or something. which are currently 17 mm high.These are only rated to 3 amps, but if you have a car pulling more than 3 amps.Zippity 06-04-2013, 08:31 PM I guess all that matters is finding a series that runs what you like best.

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I did not show the brush relationship in this drawing to keep it simple.Slot Car Club: Basic guidelines for. Motors typically used are: a. JK Falcon 7 b. JK Hawk 7 c. JK Hawk Retro. Body guidelines. 1. The body shall be on the BSCRA.

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The new batch of Falcon 7 motors currently in the works will land sometimes in March in the USA. The motor will feature some changes to make it even more reliable and.PS-G7B - Group 7 Motor Brush Firm Compound. Long time Slot Car Enthusiast and Wife Purchase ProSlot Ltd. They were designed by and manufactured for Pro Slot.It has less winds or bigger wire, not sure which but I know there is a thread out there somewhere that will confirm this.Zippity 05-31-2013, 07:38 PM I have been advised that they are on their way:).

And if you ask any of the top Hot Thumbs for help they will be glad to share set up and driving info.Now this all just the basics, many other factors come into play with the slot car motor.Which determines in many cases why the identical type motors will have a few very fast ones and a few that are not as fast.Also to consider is the can type, size, thickness of material, motor magnets, size magnets, material used.If you consider the engine in your lawnmower a racing motor, then yes.Gear Ratio Calculator, calculates ratios with gears and tire sizes, Can take input in both imperial and metric formats. for Slot Car Racing.

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A new commutator cooler will also be made available for fitment on the longer shaft, to be applied with the heat of a soldering iron and slipped hot onto the shaft.I have been given fast motors to run when none of mine ran well(Thanks Preston).

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Hard to fathom but likely due to the copycat ways of the Chinese.

Zippity 06-03-2013, 06:03 PM Actually their was NO attempt to compare anything, my statement was that because of the lack of new Falcons several organizations in the area have allowed the Deamons, Evil Nines and Hawks.Well, at last this will be corrected, and motor life should increase dramatically as this is being implemented.There are more than 1 alternative out there for the extinct Falcon.