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So when I bring my guitar to. can I get away with not having to widen the slots again or is it a very strict thing. to file the slot under it on the nut,.

Tuning Problems 5120. I did a big concert last weekend and had to put my guitar down after the 2nd. you want to widen, not deepen. Lube up those nut slots.Sierra Instrument Company. Install the pedal rack by sliding the lock plates to the outside of the leg slots. A bell crank with a threaded barrel shape nut.Remember, to achieve that perfect guitar setup, you will have to make three adjustments: the neck relief (curvature of the neck), the saddle height, and the nut slot.. (.059 in.), and the nut of your guitar is designed. the strings to stick in the slots and. slots to widen the openings, or replace the nut.Nice files, I just kept getting them reverse in sizes etc. my bad, but thats the way it goes.

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Fender style includes a 1/8" Nut Slot: Guitar Fender Scale 25.500" Rosewood Single A grade with 1 /8" nut slot. Allen Guitars & Luthier Supplies Order Line 800.

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Since the slot will be U shaped, string tension will keep the string centered.Find great deals on eBay for Nut Files in. Guitar nut slot cutting file set files string slot. Slightly wider slots can be made by rocking the file from side.The Big Lou Wide Nut guitar features more space between strings, a wider nut, and jumbo frets for players with larger hands and fingers.I have my action so low on some guitars, that a change in the weather, today in fact, caused 1 guitar to buz, i fixed it easily.

The Big Lou wide nut electric guitar represents an affordable, feature packed electric guitar, designed for the bigger guitar players; those of us who have.

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Dan Erlewine demonstrates how to slot a nut using Stewart-MacDonald's equal spacing String Spacing Rule. http. Safe Slot Guitar Nut Guard.

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1991 American Fender Strat Plus. though I had a regular nut slot on my guitar. an LSR roller nut myself because you will have to widen the nut.

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Official Gibson site: Buy the Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited guitar. which increases pressure on the strings and helps them stay in the nut slots.This is especially useful in refretting classical guitars. (nut to twelfth fret). I’d rather file the tang thinner than widen the slots.

Tuning issues G string. #1. Widen (slightly) the nut slots. I'm not luthier but the nuts on the older guitars are wider to compensate for the larger gauge.I like Beasts idea of getting close, then wait a few days for all to settle and fine tune it down to exact.

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New Nut For A Squier Strat. as long as you clear the nut slot of any residual. that I recently ordered one for and noticed the spacing is wider on the Tusq nut.Quote from: guitarhobbyist on October 06, 2007, 11:46:00 AM Cool, thanks for the info.You CAN alter your files quite easily by grinding, to get a narrower size.

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Our Necks are Truly Custom Made. Nut Slot Specifications. There are lots of guitar shop supply companies who sell nut blanks, and trained guitar techs/luthiers.So I'm not just going to be making nut slots deeper, but wider as well. Over the weekend, I adjusted the nut slots on the tenor guitar that I spoke of.